A smaller load

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Market, companies and software solutions: Kirio knows the market dynamics, understands the companies’ needs, optimises and improves IT processes with appropriate software solutions. Kirio has the right answers to existing problems and foresees upcoming situations.

Sharing a project, an objective and a result: consultancy turns into constant support. The service turns into a partnership: two realities with one common story.  Our projects for …

Case History

  • Xpres Group

    Xpres Group

    Xpres logistics running fast with Kirio

  • DAVIMAR s.r.l.

    DAVIMAR s.r.l.

    The product’s traceability is real

  • Presezzi Extrusion Group

    Presezzi Extrusion Group

    When the IT partner turns into the Group’s “IT arm”

  • Bracchi


    Acting on the integration between the customer's system and logistic ...

  • DMedia Commerce

    DMedia Commerce

    The collaboration with Kirio born within the business unit dedicated to BtoB

  • Cometa


    K-Logistic introduced simplicity to our company

  • Beautyprof


    K-Logistic allowed to reorganize all logistics processes

  • VitaminCenter


    Buzzwords: speed and traceability